3 Things You Must Try with the Magic Flight Box Vaporizer

Vaping at the Baseball Game
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Vaping at the Baseball Game

I love to get out of the house and experience things and nothing adds to that experience like the Magic Flight Launch Box.  I take it with me pretty much everywhere I go and today I want to talk about 3 of the things like I like to do best while vaping.  I usually start my day a out with a trip to the gym, after a good workout I like to hit the sauna. The gym I subscribe to is private and invite only, everyone there is a big fan marijuana so no one objects to me bringing in the MFLB.  More often than not I wait until it is cleared out so I can vape in peace, usually everyone in there is asking for hit.  Regardless of if you like to vape alone or not the sauna is wonderful place to vaporize.  It is quiet and relaxing, you can really taste your blend of marijuana in the hot dry air.  I would recommend bringing a timer or a stop watch to make sure you don’t stay in there too long, it is easy to forget how long you have been vaping in the sauna and if you stay in there too long you can get “over-cooked”.

The next thing that I love to do and refuse to leave my Magic Flight launch box vaporizer behind is river floating.  In Washington State there a ton of different rivers to float down, just make sure you pack your MFLB in a ziploc bag so it wont get wet.  Another thing you might want to consider while vaping down the river is bringing a balloon.  You can tie the string from the balloon to your vaporizer, then when you want to pass the vape to a friend on a different raft all you have to is float the vape (inflate the ziploc bag with air) downstream to your buddy.  Everybody with have a blast and it is a great way to spend the afternoon, I floated almost all the rivers in Washington that don’t have rapids including the Columbia river.  You can also bring a cooler and pack some lunch, some river floats take longer than others so if you are going to be out on the water for a few hours it is a good idea to bring some food along to eat after you vape.

The last thing I am going to recommend today is bringing your Magic Flight launch box vaporizer to a baseball game.  I love going to a Mariners game in the summer and vaping in the outfield.  Usually it is pretty empty so there is no one around to bother, make sure that there are no children around however.  If it does happen to be a crowded game and you do not feel comfortable vaping marijuana in the stand you can always go down to smoking section and sneak some puffs there.  The thrill of watching someone hit a home run while you are vaping is hard to match.  I also like to watch a good old fashioned pitchers duel, I used to play baseball in High school so I have an appreciation for pitching.

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