Accept No Substitutes! 5 Fake-Ass Fakers in all their Counterfeitting Fakery

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If you guys are looking for a cheap and powerful portable vaporizer, you’ve probably come across a bunch of devices that claim to be the “more affordable version of the Magic Flight Launch Box.” Don’t be fooled. While these vapes may be cheap, they are in no way comparable to the artistry, structural integrity and functionality displayed by my beloved MFLB. Just like Fred Durst said, “I wonder what it’s like to be a clone / Doin’ nothin’ nothin’ on my own / Alone in your misery, you’re bitin on my new style.” So here’s a little “soundtrack” for these pretenders.

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s vilest offenders, shall we?

Dragon Lite

This knock-off looks like the kind of thing a Sith lord would vape out of. It’s a big black box that resembles a piece of leftover Death Star residue. And not to mention its a blatant copy of the Launch Box, with the tiny draw hole, slide lid, and battery slot in exactly the same places as the MFLB. The only unique aspect of this piece of trash is the stupid purple dragon inlay on the side. You thought it looked bad on the outside? Dude this thing burns the fuck out of your herbs. Okay that’s all the Star Wars jokes I can muster.


Whatever you do, don’t put anything in this thing and attempt to enjoy it. The Sain Sation makes two versions of counterfit Launch Boxes; one has their name and logo emblazoned on it, while the other one looks almost identical and purports to be a legitimate Magic Flight Launch Box but it’s really just a piece of shit that’s manufactured in China and on the one I used, the screen detached from the heating coils after just two bowls full. More like STAIN-sation.

Da Kube

Da Kube is more like Da Turd. This thing is a shoddily made mess of splinters, primarily around the bored out holes and air passageways. It heats inconsistently and the lid is incredibly loose, which causes the little amount of vapor the convection oven does produce to escape unless you’re clamping down on it with your fist. Not a fun experience. What’s even more unbelievable is that they don’t even offer a warranty. For real?


This thing is a complete square in all manners of the word. It’s not easy to carry. It’s totally uncomfortable in your hand and your pocket and the batteries they give you are really awkward to take out of the device, causing mine to pretty much self-implode. The heating element is inconsistent and I’ve heard several stories of people starting fires because they don’t include the handy push-back ring like the fine folks at Magic-Flight do.

Palm 2.0

VaporBlunt is a big name among vaporizer brands so I don’t get why they had to straight up rip off the Launch Box like they did. The first iteration was more like a pipe with the battery going underneath the mouthpiece; but this second version is so obviously an MFLB knock-off. All they did was repurpose the lid to be a clamp lid rather than a sliding plate. In both versions the mouthpiece is still a part of the whole device and not removable, but I’m not buying it.

Have you seen any Magic Flight Launch Box rip-offs that you’d like to report? Now is the time and Comments is the place.

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