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Magic Flight Box Vaporizer
No Comments on Why people are switching to the Magic Flight Box Vaporizer

Over the past six months we have seen a growing trend of people switching over to the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer.  Vaporizer like the Pax and the Firefly came into the scene and made a whole lot of noise.  But as people started to realize that some vaporizers are much better made than others the tides quickly turned and people started switching camps...

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Magic Flight Launch Box
No Comments on Magic Flight Uses a Superb Heating Area

Portable vaporizers are cherished for being compact as well as functioning like any other vaporizer. One thing you might notice with portable vaporizers is that while they might be small and compact, they don’t live up to the hype of being both portable and discreet. One of the reasons this ends up happening is due to a lot of the manufactures of these products not putting much effort and care into designing a quality heating system...

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Vaporizer girl
No Comments on How HOT is the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer?

We get a lot of questions in our inbox and I decided to address one of them today for you. Something people ask me a lot is whether I like the fixed temperature style of the Magic Flight Launch Box. And in short, yes, I do. I know that lots of portable vaporizers you can buy online will offer the option to dial in a specific temperature for extraction of particular ingredients in the medicinal materials...

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Orbiter mflb vape
No Comments on The Magic Flight Orbiter is Here!

Yo guys, I just got my brand new Magic Flight Orbiter in the mail and I’m really stoked to give this thing a try. It’s made with the same attention to detail that Magic-Flight vaporizer puts into pretty much all of their products. For people who are going, “God I love my Magic Flight Launch Box, but I wish they made a little bong or bubbler that I could use with it,” now you have your wish...

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magic flight box vaporizer
No Comments on Tips for the Magic Flight Launch Box

If you’ve never vaporized before, you may find there to be a slight learning curve when you first purchase one and begin using it. When it comes to smoking, it can’t get much more straightforward… simply flick your lighter and touch it to the herb, fire!

However, vaporizers function far differently...

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No Comments on Keep it Simple and Stealthy with the Magic Flight Vaporizer

Out of all vapes out there, few if any can match the capabilities of the magic flight launch box. The way it fits in your palm comfortably and snugly is unique for vaporizers and just the fact that it works so easily with herb makes it special. The simplicity of the magic flight vaporizer is due to it’s operation. By using rechargeable batteries, the user just engages the battery into the side hole of the unit and it starts heating up your herbs in the trench...

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Portable Vaporizer
No Comments on My Magic Flight Launch Box Testimonial

I’ve been into vaporizing for about five years now, and I’ll admit that it took me a long time to jump on the Magic Flight bandwagon. For some reason, I just always believed it was gimmicky and didn’t perform well. I figured that the “hippe” types liked it because of its natural wood look, and that it was just a piece of junk. Mind you, I had never actually used a MFLB before, so these were all just baseless opinions I had formed.

However, about 3 wee...

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magic flight box vaporizer
No Comments on Magic Flight Launch Box Kit Contents

Now available from our preferred retailer with free shipping, the Magic Flight Launch Box is a perfect starter vape for new users. This handy portable vaporizer heats up almost instantly and makes efficient use of your favorite herbs without burning them. This is a true vaporization experience which runs off a convection current, thereby heating the active ingredients without burning them...

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MFLB Battery Charger
No Comments on Magic Flight Launch Box Batteries

For years I thought that my Magic Flight Launch Box would never die. I kept recharging and charging those NiMH batteries just like they told me to, no problem whatsoever. But then one day I got super baked with my girlfriend when we were camping in Joshua Tree and she accidentally left the node uncapped next to the opposite terminal...

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No Comments on Two Vaporizers That Are Similar to Magic Flight Box Vaporizer

While the Magic Flight Box Vaporizer is one of the best portable vaporizers in the market, there are other alternatives out there for those who are looking for a more discreet vaporizer. In fact, many of the cons about the magic flight is that it tends not to be very discreet for many people. If you’re looking for similar vaporizers, that are bit more compact and and easy to carry around, the Vapman and the NimbinVap are great options.

Of course, discreetness s...

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