Five Great Arcade Games to Play Vaped

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Everyone loves their video games, and here at Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer we are no different.  We thought today that we would put an old school twist on it and bring back some of favorite arcade to play after vaping some weed from the MFLB.  Yea the Xbox is cool and sure the new PlayStation has probably the best graphics anyone has ever seen.  But nothing beats the feeling of a stand up arcade video game.  The top score list was basically the same as the baseball hall of fame and arcade games where also the first video games to offer multiplayer.



Simpsons and Vaping

One of my favorites for a variety of reasons was the original “The Simpsons” arcade game.  Released in 1991 by Konami this game was an instant classic.  The main point of the game is to chase down Mr. Burns but in this game he has the advantage of being cybernetically enhanced.  Mr. Smithers is a jewel theif and Marge’s weapon of choice is a vacuum cleaning.  What more could you ask for?


Street Fighter II

I have no idea and don’t even want to calculate how many of my quarters the arcade game has eaten of the years but when I look back I still think it was worth it.  Street Fighter II:  The World Warrior will go down in history as one of the top five arcade games ever.  I still play Street Fighter II on my Super Nintendo and have a blast.  We usually play little mini-tournaments and loser has to load the trench in the Launch Box.  Street Fighter II was released in 1991 by Capcom.


Dig Dug and Vape

This game might be a little less known but that doesn’t make it any less fun to play.  Dig Dug was an all ages arcade game that was immensely challenging.  Released by Namco in 1982 and published by Atari you knew this game was going to be good.  Watch out for those Pookas and Frygars or prepare to insert more coins to continue.  The Arcade I play at now is adult friendly and allows smoking, so vaping the Magic Flight and digging some tunnels raises no eyebrows.


Shinobi – Vape or Die

Released in 1987 by the famous developer Sega – Shinobi was ground breaking and extremely challenging.  You are going to need to bring some extra weed to the Arcade if you are going to beat this in one sitting.  Last time I beat it I think it took me five hours and $17.00 worth of quarters.  Yes that is 68 quarters, but don’t worry I am sponsored to play and get reimbursed Danny’s Donut Shack down the street.  You might even need to bring some extra Magic Flight rechargeable batteries along, this game can take a while to beat.


Operation Wolf

This was definitely one of the better shoot-em-ups ever made.  Operation Super Wolf was released in 1987 by Taito and was instant success.  I remember when it was first released you would have to wait in line or try and save a spot, sometimes it would take hours to get your turn to play.  What made this game so much fun was that while you got to shoot the hell out of the enemies you also could shoot chickens or hostages.  The game would chew through your quarters fast so make sure you don’t play it first, wait until the end of the day and then make your way over.

What are your favorite games to play while vaping?

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