How HOT is the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer?

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We get a lot of questions in our inbox and I decided to address one of them today for you. Something people ask me a lot is whether I like the fixed temperature style of the Magic Flight Launch Box. And in short, yes, I do. I know that lots of portable vaporizers you can buy online will offer the option to dial in a specific temperature for extraction of particular ingredients in the medicinal materials. This is one of those specific product points that certain people demand if they are going to buy a vaporizer. For me, I really value stealth in a portable vaporizer and I trust the engineers at Magic-Flight to give me the ideal temperature for my weed or wax. Funny though, I had never really thought to ask what temperature the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizes at. As you can see from the photo above, the Magic Flight representatives are pretty hot little things, but what about the device itself?

So I’m glad you guys asked!


I did a little research on the Magic Flight convection oven,and I found out that when the battery is applied the copper posts and the screen heat up to roughly 385 degrees Fahrenheit. When the user inhales on the draw stem, the temperature drops to around 370 degrees because of the fluctuation in air flow and if no one is drawing, but still holding the battery, the temperature is more like 410. Pretty interesting stuff, huh? On the Magic-Flight website, they say that they calibrate the oven to never result in full combustion (which occurs, of course, at 451 degrees Fahrenheit).


If you are using the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box (pictured above), the brand new Magic Flight vape that was made for waxy oils, then the temperature jacks up to a whopping 900 degrees Fahrenheit (wow!). The reason it needs to get so hot is so that it completely volatizes the ingredients in the concentrated extracts. With wax and oil there’s no worry about combustion, since it’s not papery or fibrous material. Basically its sublimating, i.e. turning from a solid directly into a gas for sweet pungent dab hits. The Muad-Dib by Magic Flight is easily the smallest, most portable dab vape ever created.

Personally I don’t mind the fixed temperature. In fact I appreciate the care and attention to detail that went into making the little handheld vapes so powerful and consistent. What about you? What do you think about the fixed convection heating? If you want to do a variable temperature I suggest you check out their power adapter which allows the user to modulate the voltage coming through the internal components.

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