Magic Flight Launch Box Batteries

MFLB Battery Charger
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For years I thought that my Magic Flight Launch Box would never die. I kept recharging and charging those NiMH batteries just like they told me to, no problem whatsoever. But then one day I got super baked with my girlfriend when we were camping in Joshua Tree and she accidentally left the node uncapped next to the opposite terminal. When we came back inside the RV, we smelled this crazy burning plastic aroma, and scoured the van going “what the fuck is that?”

Come to find out the charge left in the batteries had started an electrical fire with the charger when the charger wasn’t even plugged in. It was crazy and I felt like a huge asshole because my girlfriend really liked the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer. Fortunately I was able to get replacement batteries pretty easily and I also picked up a Magic Flight Power Adapter so we can easily use the Launch Box at home without worrying about the batteries having a charge.

If you’re an absent-minded stoner like me and you need replacement batteries or a power cable for your Magic Flight Launch Box, I recommend buying them at this store where I got mine. They’re super chill, and will ship out your order quickly.

Have you had an issue with your Magic Flight Launch Box or the parts? Tell your story below!

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