The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer – Portability to the Highest Level

magic flight box vaporizer
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The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer designed and built straight out of San Diego, California, is the leading portable vaporizer available. Users looking for the most portable and effective vaporizer will be satisfied beyond belief with the magic flight. Fitting in the palm of your hand and using batteries for heating, the Launch Box allows for the most portable experience possible. Many portable styles boast a subtle look and great usability for on the go, but none can match these characteristics like the Magic Flight. It’s truly remarkable that a unit of its size can work so well time and time again. Unlike other portable styles in particularly the pen-styles, combustion is never an issue and you will only get the purest and smoothest vapor flow possible. Those looking for a consistent and super discreet vaporizer will find exactly what they are looking with this unit.

Using the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is fairly simple and hitting it “native” mode will make it super stealthy. Hitting the unit requires the user to engage the battery into the heating element to active heating in the trench. The trench is the area where you pack your herbs and is found right in the opening when you open the plastic lid. Make sure the herbs are grinded as sufficiently as possible to get proper heating and the best vapor. The plastic lid is there to ensure vapor is isolated in the opening without escaping during inhalation. With this part, it can be used outside without any issues or lack of heating. Inhaling the magic flight is done by either using the included tube which is attached to the opening on the side of the unit, or just by hitting it in native mode by covering your mouth over it. Either method provides the same effects and is just a matter of personal preference. After each time you hit it, it’s good to make sure you shake the contents around the trench so it all gets used and vaporized evenly.

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