The Magic Flight Orbiter is Here!

Orbiter mflb vape
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Yo guys, I just got my brand new Magic Flight Orbiter in the mail and I’m really stoked to give this thing a try. It’s made with the same attention to detail that Magic-Flight vaporizer puts into pretty much all of their products. For people who are going, “God I love my Magic Flight Launch Box, but I wish they made a little bong or bubbler that I could use with it,” now you have your wish. All you do is remove the top joint and insert a few ice cubes then you’re good to filter your vapor through the Orbiter’s cooling glass chamber.

Not gonna lie: I love this thing. The Orbiter is an essential tool for any fan of the Magic Flight Launch Box or Muad-Dib Concentrate Box. You can get yours here, from the San Diego-based manufacturer.

Have you tried it? Let me know what you think!

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