Hitting the Magic Flight Portable Vaporizer “Native” style

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer
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Many vaporizers out only have it so you can hit it one certain way. Whether it’s the tubing they provide or the mouthpiece which is attached to hit it through a straight draw style, finding a portable vaporizer with versatile delivery methods is quite difficult. The MFLB Vaporizer while being one of the smallest and compact units available provides two key ways to take rips from it. A lot of people when they first receive the Magic Flight immediately just use the glass stem that is provided. While this is one method of using the vape it’s actually not the original way it was produced. For those that don’t think another way of hitting is possible they are definitely missing out.

The original method of hitting the Magic Flight Portable vaporizer is called hitting it “native” style. This method works by just placing your lips over the hole where the tube would go. There are a couple advantages using it this way. The first noticeable difference is how much easier and convenient it is to not use a stem when using the magic flight. Normally you would have to carry the stem with you which could decrease its portability and also has a higher probability for it to break. Another thing is how much of a direct hit you will achieve this way. Hitting it native style you might find it easier to regulate the temperature when you hit it. As the hit is a bit closer then when using the tube, it feels a lot more natural and unique when vaping.

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