I Met Team Magic-Flight at the Cannabis Cup!

Maud Dib Concentrate Box
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I’m super incredibly excited about a couple of new inventions from the friendly folks over at Magic-Flight. I had the honor of meeting the Magic-Flight team at this weekend’s High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver, CO and I got to test the brand new products, ordered them on the spot, and voila, when I got back to Riverside this morning, there they were waiting for me!

magic flight at cannabis cup

The San Diego-based vaporizer manufacturers known for creating the popular Launch Box have taken the handheld box oven design to the next level by integrating a concentrate tray into the Launch Box which heats up to 900 degrees; it’s called release the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box.

Maud Dib Concentrate Box

In addition to the Muad-Dib Vaporizer, they have also unveiled the Magic-Flight Orbiter, a glass bubbler-style vaporizer that is designed for full compatibility with both the Launch Box and the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box using the ground glass water pipe adapters. With the Muad-Dib Box there’s no need to use a big ass torch to heat your nail. Simply load your favorite wax or oil onto the tray, press your NiMH battery into the box and within seconds you’ll be dabbing like crazy. The Muad-Dib features a memorable Steam Punk monocle in place of the traditional sliding lid and an 8-inch silicone inhalation tube that attaches to the draw stem.

Magic Flight Orbiter

As opposed to the regular Magic Flight Launch Box, I do NOT recommend hitting the vape “native style” i.e. without the stem; the Muad-Dib box contains a very powerful convection oven and the vapor being released needs to travel through the medical-grade silicone so it cools for inhalation.

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