A Mile High With The Magic Flight Launch Box

magic flight box vaporizer
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I recently brought my Magic Flight on vacation to the Mile-High city of Denver, Colorado. The legal state welcomed both, my Magic Flight and I, with open arms. It was extremely convenient, as I was often on-the go, as many are when they’re on vacation. And I must say, climbing up the Red Rocks and ripping the Magic Flight with a beautiful mountain view, was definitely one of my favorite experiences of the entire trip. I can’t wait to go back to Denver for the first completely legal Cannabis Cup in less than a month.

It’s times like that one that make me realize how convenient and portable the Magic Flight truly is. Climbing a mountain? No problem; you can bring your Magic Flight. Also, its natural, ‘earthy’ design perfectly compliments Colorado’s beautiful autumn circuit, resulting in a truly relaxing vaporizing experience.

I highly recommend the Magic Flight to anyone who likes to medicate discreetly and healthily. It’s perfect for vaping on-the go. Whether your riding in the car, walking to the car, climbing the beautiful mountains of Colorado, sitting on your hotel balcony, or attending the High Times Cannabis Cup, the Magic Flight Launch Box is the ideal sidekick.

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