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I’ve been into vaporizing for about five years now, and I’ll admit that it took me a long time to jump on the Magic Flight bandwagon. For some reason, I just always believed it was gimmicky and didn’t perform well. I figured that the “hippe” types liked it because of its natural wood look, and that it was just a piece of junk. Mind you, I had never actually used a MFLB before, so these were all just baseless opinions I had formed.

However, about 3 weeks ago, a friend of mine came over and said she had a surprise for me. She vapes as well, and we’ve had conversations in the past about how I was not a fan of the Launch Box. When she came over, she had a sneaky little smile on her face – which led me to believe something was up. She reached in her bag and pulled out the Magic Flight Launch Box. We both started laughing. She said her friend was selling it and that her curiosity got the best of her. And since she’s heard me talk shit about it in the past, she figured it was time we actually tried it out. I’d yet to get high yet that day, so I was certainly wasn’t going to say no.

A little background information. I’ve owned quite a few vaporizers. My first was a desktop, the Volcano. After that, I purchased the Vapir No2, the DaVinci, and most recently the Arizer Solo. I like different things about all these vapes, and would have a tough time picking a favorite (but if I had to, I’d pick the Solo). Anyways, when I first saw the Magic Flight a couple of years ago, my initial thought was, “What the hell is that thing”? It certainly didn’t look like a vaporizer. It looked more like a little kid’s summer camp wood carving project. I watched some video reviews, and I just wasn’t a fan of how it functioned.

If you’re not super familiar with the Magic Flight Launch Box, it works differently that pretty much any other portable vaporizer on the market. Instead of an internal battery, the MFLB uses a little rechargeable battery that you insert into the device itself to activate the heating element. Another thing I thought was strange about the Launch Box initially was the herb chamber. Magic Flight calls it a “trench,” and it’s a lot larger than your standard portable vape heating chamber. Lastly, I wasn’t a huge a fan of the appearance and styling of the unit. I was more of a fan of the traditional vaporizer look, and associated the natural wood ascetics of the Launch Box to be marketed to the tree-huger sector.

When we finally packed our finely ground herb into the trench and fired up the Magic Flight, I realized that all the things I had ever thought about the MFLB were wrong. First of all, the unit is a lot smaller than I thought. I had kind of pictured it as being so large that it would cover the whole of your hand. Instead, the Launch Box is incredibly tiny, you could literally hold it in your hand and make a fist and it would disappear.

Next, the thing actually hits really well. I had always assumed that the batteries the Magic Flight uses would be cheap and under-powered. However, they seem to have plenty of power, and had no trouble powering the heating element. I was able to get some very nice tokes, tastier and more bountiful than I had originally thought possible with the MFLB.

Finally, I thought I would hate not being able to set a specific temperature, or knowing exactly what temperature I was vaporizing at. I had always heard there was a learning curve with the Magic Flight, but I honestly didn’t get that sense at all. You kind of have to treat the battery as a sort of carb or rush to get a nice even roasting of herbs. After my first session, I felt like I had been using the MFLB all my life. I looked at my friend and said, “Sooooo I can have this right”? She started cracking up. Maybe she knew something I didn’t all along. One thing is for sure – since that day on, I’ll never talk trash about a vaporizer that I’ve yet to use.

I ended up purchasing the Launch Box from the online retailer I usually get my vapes and accessories from. They have a pretty great deal where they’ll let you choose a free MFLB accessory. They also ship for free. Can’t get much better than that.

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