Tesla Will Make a New Battery That Will Help Growers

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The high-end American car-maker, Tesla has introduced a new battery that will help weed growers store power and money. The “Tesla Wall” as it’s being called, will allow homeowners and business to store energy in a discreet and and easy way. The The 10kWh battery will cost around $3500.00 per unit.

Tesla announced that larger capacity units will be available for sale to large businesses and government. As far as small business and homeowners are concerned, the battery can be powered during electricity off peak hours, or ideally by solar power panels and/or used as electricity backup during power outages.

Although many growers have reacted in a positive way about Tesla’s announcement. Others have expressed their concern as storing energy may actually not be that cost-effective. Other larger-production growers would benefit more as the energy savings come in volume.

Many of us have stories of growers going out of business due to the energy intensive nature of growing pot. Many have lost crops due to outages or the high cost of electricity. These high costs have tipped of law enforcement and there has been some busts because of this.

Another great benefit this battery brings is being able to live off the grid by using solar panels and storing energy through this battery.

Many businesses will benefit from this battery depending upon where they’re located. In fact, electricity prices vary tremendously depending upon the state or sometimes county. Many business will benefit in that they can store energy during off peak hours when rates are much lower.

What’s clear about this Tesla battery is that there is a general trend towards renewable energy and ways to store it. More than ever before, people are using solar power as an energy generator. However, the challenge is how to store that energy in ways that are simple and discreet. This battery will essentially allow homeowners to be free of energy companies and produce sustainable energy for their homes. The savings in energy in convenience may not be reflected in the beginning but in the long run, switching over to solar panels and batteries like this one are the way to go.

I really hope more companies out provide more practical technology and solutions for today’s environmental and resources scarcity.

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