Tips for the Magic Flight Launch Box

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If you’ve never vaporized before, you may find there to be a slight learning curve when you first purchase one and begin using it. When it comes to smoking, it can’t get much more straightforward… simply flick your lighter and touch it to the herb, fire!

However, vaporizers function far differently. Instead of igniting herbs to the point of combustion, vaporizers heat the herb at a lower temperature to remove the active ingredients without ever actually burning the material. If the vaporizer you are using features temperature control, most of the thinking is taken out of the process. However, not all vapes have a way to adjust the temperature and simply go to a preset level.

Units like this can be a little frustrating right off the bat when you end up burning the herb accidentally, but with some patience and practice you’ll be able to get very flavorful vapor production with ease. The most efficient portable dry herb vaporizer that lacks an actual temperature controller would be the Magic Flight Launch Box. I have had a lot of experience (and initial frustrations) with this vaporizer and have listed my tips below for how to get the most out of your MFLB.

Dry Your Buds

A vaporizer lacking any way to adjust the temperature can feel like it is under performing if the herbal material being used is on the moister side of things. It requires more heating for a longer period of time, but that can start to run the risk of burning if it heats for too long. One remedy is to leave the herb out your usual container for roughly 24 hours allowing it to dry some.

However, I prefer a quicker method that utilizes the Magic Flight in the process like a little oven. Remove a small bud from your herb and place the whole piece in the trench of the MFLB. Insert the battery and press in to begin heating it up. After a few seconds slide open the acrylic cover and move the bud around to make sure it heats evenly. Now the idea here is NOT to begin vaporizing so don’t leave it in there for too long or you may begin wasting your herbs.

Finely Grind Your Herb

This maximizes the surface area of the herb that has now been slightly dried. When more of the material can be heated you can expect to see better vapor production. A fine grind will produce the best results and Magic Flight offers their Finishing Grinder to give your herb the finest grind possible. Fill up to the top of the trench with your ground herb and do not overfill.

Tap the Box

Press the battery in to begin heating up the herb that you just placed in the trench of the MFLB. Within 7 to 10 seconds be sure to release the battery so the herb doesn’t over heat in one spot and combust. Instead of opening up the acrylic cover and stirring the herb, simply give the Magic Flight Launch Box a tap or two on the side to easily move it around. This step is necessary every once and awhile to ensure the herb vaporizes but does not burn.

Keep it Clean

A clean box is always preferred and the Magic Flight includes a cleaning brush to make this process very straightforward. After every session just use the brush to remove the remaining herb bits that might have stuck to the screen. If some small amounts remain and you just pack more over those little pieces you may end up burning them on your next session since they would have already been vaped. If the screen gets too dirty over time you can have it replaced through Magic Flight, but nobody wants to be without their box, so take the time to keep it looking nice. You’ll be very satisfied for years!

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