Two Vaporizers That Are Similar to Magic Flight Box Vaporizer

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While the Magic Flight Box Vaporizer is one of the best portable vaporizers in the market, there are other alternatives out there for those who are looking for a more discreet vaporizer. In fact, many of the cons about the magic flight is that it tends not to be very discreet for many people. If you’re looking for similar vaporizers, that are bit more compact and and easy to carry around, the Vapman and the NimbinVap are great options.

Of course, discreetness should not always be the main factor on why you’re buying a vaporizer. Quality and performance should probably be at the forefront of your criteria when choosing to purchase a vaporizer. Another factor to consider is value. While some vaporizers may deliver a great vaping performance, they tend to be rather costly. The MFLB is one of those vaporizers that delivers a premium performance without breaking the bank.

Another thing to watch out for is versatility. But if vaping herbs is your thing, then the Magic Flight Launch Box, the NimbinVap and the Vapman get the job done.

The NimbinVap Vaporizer

The NimbinVap is one of those vaporizers that allows you to easily switch modes and ways to vape. In fact, this  vaporizer has been described as the Swiss knife of vaporizers for its versatility. This is basically a 7-in-1 vaporizer. One of the functions is the Hitter Mode, which allows you to vape by heating up the vaporizer while using a lighter and taking hits. The other function is the Joint Holder mode, which basically allows you to smoke a joint. Then there’s the pipe mode, which allows you vape your herb much in the same way you would smoke with an herbal pipe. One of my favorites is the chiller mode. which essentially allows you to you the NimbinVape using a whip type of tube. Then there’s the vaporizer mode, which also allows you to vape using an actual mouthpiece.

The Vapman Vaporizer

The Vapman vaporizer is another great vaporizer that is very discreet and easy to use. This Swiss-made vaporizer combines both quality and affordability along with being probably the most discreet out of the three vaporizers. Here’s a great video showing how to use the Vapman and how compact and versatile it is.

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