Why people are switching to the Magic Flight Box Vaporizer

Magic Flight Box Vaporizer
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Over the past six months we have seen a growing trend of people switching over to the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer.  Vaporizer like the Pax and the Firefly came into the scene and made a whole lot of noise.  But as people started to realize that some vaporizers are much better made than others the tides quickly turned and people started switching camps.  One main reasons people are switching over to the MFLB is because of the high quality materials that used while manufacturing it.  Another reason is that the Launch Box comes with a lifetime warranty.  It is important that companies stand behind their products and Magic Flight does exactly that.  If you vaporizer often the Launch Box makes sense for a couple of other reasons.  The versatility that Magic Flight offers their customers is unparallelled.  The amount of accessories they sell really elevates the portable vaporizer for weed to another level.  Along with the handheld vaporizer itself they also sell:

  • Magic Flight Concentrate Trays
  • The Magic Flight Orbiter
  • Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.0
  • Magic Flight Water Pipe Whip
  • Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

If you do not already have an MFLB and you are looking to vaporize concentrates exclusively I would recommend picking up a Muad-Dib.  It is similar in size and shape to the Launch Box but was designed for use only with wax and oils.  If you already own the Launch Box can purchase a one of the concentrate trays and vape your waxes with ease.  The Maud-Dib takes vaping concentrates to the next level though.  It reaches 900° in just a few seconds and the powerful batteries allow you to take over 50 dabs on a single charge.  The Maud-Dib also comes with a 1.5 foot whip to help cool the vapor down.  The vapor comes out extremely hot so pairing the Maud-Dib the with Magic Flight Orbiter is a great idea.  You can even take it one step further and pick up the Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.0 for unlimited dabs, you will never need to recharge the batteries.

Another reason people are switching over to the Magic Flight is because they are so unique.  You can pick and choose between so many different designs and types of wood that there are virtually and unlimited amount of different combinations.  Some of the most popular Magic Flight vaporizer kits are:

  • Premium Cherry Launch Box Kit
  • Premium Walnut Launch Box Kit
  • Reddit Pineapple Laser Launch Box Kit
  • Infinity Wing Laser Launch Box Kit
  • Labyrinth Laser Launch Box Kit
  • Metatron’s Cube Laser Launch Box Kit
  • Nautilus Laser Launch Box Kit
  • Star Knot Laser Launch Box Kit
  • Tree of Life Laser Launch Box Kit
  • Flower of Life Laser Launch Box Kit
  • Celtic Tree of Life Laser Launch Box Kit

We feel that almost any vaporizer is better than no vaporizer at all but the fact that we are seeing so many people switching The Magic Flight vaporizer is great in our opinion.  If you are looking for a good alternative to the Launch Box or you already own it we would suggest going with something like the Pinnacle Pro DLX or the Arizer Solo.  The Pinnacle Pro and the Arizer are widely regarded as the two best portable vaporizers following the Launch Box.

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